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Report of the Seminar
Indian Foundation for Vedic Science with the blessings and patronage of His Holiness Jagdacharya Shree Chandraswami Ji Maharaj and under the auspices of Vishva Dharmayatana Sansthan organised an International seminar on 20-21 August, 2007.
The inauguration session was attended by High Commissioner of the Republic of Guyana, His Excellency Jairam Ronald Gajraj; High Commissioner of Mauritius, His Excellency Mukhesswur Choone; High Commissioner of Namibia, His Excelency Marten Kapewasha; Ambassador of North Korea, His Excellency Han Chang On. Embassy of Vietnam was represented by its first secretary. Also present were Col. Alain Dioppe, United Nations Security Advisor for India and Bhutan. Col. Dao defence attaché Embassy of Senegal.
After a brief introduction of Vedas and the Seminar, Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya, the convenor of the Seminar invited Prof. Gautam Chaterjee to deliver the Key note address.
Prof. Gautam Chatterjee, a scholar from Harvard. highlighted the contribution of Vedas to the world of science. He told how the scientific concepts of Vedas travelled to Greece along with the Indian migrants to Greece and from Greece they were borrowed by Egyptians and from Egypt these concepts became prevalent in the rest of Europe. He told that second is the smallest unit of time in the modern science. Now the modern science has started talking about nanoseconds etc. But the smallest unit of time visualised by the Vedic Seers was Truti which was the .00002 part of second. The question is what was the need for the Vedic seers to discover the unit of Truti. According to Prof. Chatterje, modern science has discovered that the time almost equal to truti was taken by the matter that came into being since the time of big bang. So the Vedic seers were able to visualise this fact of cosmic history in their Samadhi.
Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya the convenor of the seminar pointed out that the modern science is doing physics but the Vedic scientists were doing metaphysics. The journey of search starts from physics and ends with metaphysics which leads to Moksha. So there is long way to go from physics to metaphysics. The further advancement for Modern science will culminate in metaphysics. Thus modern science is still in its infancy, whereas Vedic science reached the stage of maturity. Dr. Arya told that the farthest we go from the source of origin, the most imperfection it is. The closer we are to the source, the more perfection it is. The universe emanated from Brahman, so universe is in its imperfect form and Brahman is in its perfect form. As such Vedic scientists while dealing with metaphysics were dealing with more perfect science. Modern science while dealing with material world is dealing with more imperfect science.
The Key note speech was followed by the speech of the High Commissioner of Mauritius, His Excellency, Mukhesswur Choone. He charged all participants with his inspiring speech. His speech is rendered below for the benefit of the readers of Vedic Science :
Speech of HE High Commissioner of Mauritius
His Holiness Swami Ji,
Excellencies, High Commissioners
Ambassadors and Diplomats
Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya
Professor Gautam Chaterjee our scholar from Harvard and keynote speaker
Members of organizing committee
Distinguished scholars
Ladies and Gentlemen
I am in front of you with very positive vibrations from Swamiji. I can say that I am positively charged and full of energy after having listened to Prof. Chaterjee. I am sure you will agree with me that Professor’s so enriching keynote address should be circulated to us all for reference.
Let me hasten to add how proud and privileged I am to be invited to participate in this seminar with scholars, scientists, Indologists, and other experts in the filed of Medicine, Yoga and Ayurveda.
Me too, I am neither an expert in Microbiology nor a scholar in Vedic Studies. But I am a scientist. I have done Radiotherapy, where radiations, energy from atoms are used to treat patients, where again proper use of science and technology is put at the disposal of humankind.
The Vedas, as you are aware, are the foundation scriptures of the Hindus. They are eternal truth revealed to great sages. They are the storehouse of all types of knowledge. I am happy to note that this Seminar has been convened to explore the treasure of Vedas for the wellbeing of humanity at large.
Mention has to be made here of the great social reformer and Vedic Scholar of India, Swami Dayananda Sarasvati who is the 19th century, I believe 1875, (We have many cars in Mauritius bearing no. 1875. These are proudly displayed and owned by Arya Samajists) gave a clarion call ‘Back to the Vedas’, as according to him, Vedas are the store house of all true sciences, and these texts contains solutions of all the problems that affecting the human society today.
This Seminar is a step further in what was visualized by the great Vedic visionary as it focused on Atharvaveda which deal with the knowledge of medical science. I must here congratulate the Indian Foundation for Vedic Science for this laudable initiative and in particular His Holiness Chandraswami ji Maharaj for his blessings and patronage targeted to preserve and propagate the ancient knowledge to the modern world.
I am the 4th generation of Mauritian of India origin. My great grandfathers left this country of yours some 150 years ago as girmitiyas (indentured labourers). Today I acknowledge with pride their contribution not only in making modern Mauritius, but also in promoting and consolidating their cultural heritage. Mauritius laghu Bharat ke nama se jana jata hai. (Mauritius is known as the mini Bharat.) Ours is also a complex society and we have our Mauritian method to solve our problems. Let me hasten to add that we have no problems as such. Swamiji who knows the country very well can confirm how good and pleasant Mauritius is with more than 70% of the population being of Indian origin. Wahan par Bhartaiya sanskriti, dharma, parampara, ritirivaj sab ham bacha kara rakhe hain. (There in Mauritius, we have saved Indian couture, dharma, and traditions).
Our grandparents were labourers turned cultural Ambassadors. I come from a family of Arya Samajis. I still recall during my childhood days, my father, with the whole family together around a Kund (fire altar) used to perform ‘Havana’. The teachings of the Vedas, Ayurveda and yoga are all common and regularly preached and practiced in Mauritius. My personal view on religions and the Divine power, the numerous galaxies is that it is simply ‘Energy’. Energy flow that can be transformed and transferred. We may call it by any name, of course other than your girlfriend or boyfriend.
Also far as the objectives of this seminar are concerned. I am sure the pious nature of Vedic Microbiology will be revealed. Vedic treatment is based on mind, body and spirit, where the focus is on the root cause and not merely on symptoms. Other forms of medicine may have their benefits but they come with their limitations and lot of side effects. That is why, herbal/Ayurevdic method of treatment is an excellent and viable alternative. The world should now discover the new benefits of Ayurvedic herbal drugs.
I am confident that this gathering of eminent experts in different disciplines will come with a herbal alternative to the treatment of microbial diseases which are so common now a days. Please see to it that your drugs, your products are patented, copyrighted and made affordable to the poor when commercialized.
Finally let me on behalf of the Govt. and people of Mauritius congratulate the organizers and participants. I have special mention for Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya and Vidya Satya Prakash Arya who extended personal invitation to me and built the bridge to facilitate communication and exchanges and give me a chance to meet you all on this special occasion.
I am confident that your two days of deliberations will allow you to come up with concrete proposals and meet the objectives of this International Seminar, with the blessings of Swamiji.
Om Shanti

His excellency Jairam Ronald Gajraj, High Commissioner of the Republic of Guyana and former Minister of Home Affairs in Guyana also spoke highly of the Ayurvedic herbal medicines and the traditional way of treatment as a viable and sustainable alternative.
Col. Alain Dioppe, United Nations Security Advisor for India and Bhutan was also impressed by the theme of the Seminar and praised India, Indian culture and its scientific heritage and wished the success of the Seminar. Every body was highly moved by the speeches of Honoured Guests.
Key note speaker Prof. Chaterjee also released the Souvenir of seminar and a book on Vedic Microbiology written by Chakradhar Frend and Sriji Kurup published by Vishvadharmayatan Sansthan and Indian Foundation for Vedic Science respectively.
Jagadacharya Chandraswami Ji Maharaj felicitated honourable guests and the keynote speaker by offering them mementoes, Shawls and Rosary of precious beads.
On the first day, two scientific sessions were convened. First scientific session was chaired by Prof. B.S. Rajput the former Vice Chancellor of Kumaun and Garhwal Universities and a renowned physicists. The key note address was made by Prof. P.K Debnath from calcutta on ‘Roga Samkramana in Ayurveda’. There were seven speakers. The second session was chaired by Prof. Dharmapal Arya, former Vice Chancellor of Gurukula Kangri. Five speakers presented their research papers.
On the second day three scientific sessions were convened, which were chaired respectively by Dr. T.S. Ramakrishna, Air Vice Marshall Vishvamohan Tiwari and Dr. Suresh Kumar. 20 scholars presented their papers on various aspects of Vedic Microbiology.
The seminar ended with the Valedictory address of Prof. B.S. Rajput. The High Commissioner of Mauritius, His Excellency Mukhesswur Choone was the Chief Guest. Col. Alain Dioppe United Nations Security Advisor for India and Bhutan, Mrs. Saima Ondimu, Charge D’ Affairs Kenya High Commission and Group Captain Narteur, the Defence Attaché Ghana High Commission also attended the valedictory session as the Guest of Honour. His Holiness Adityanand Sarasvati, Amul Bahal, Shakti pal Sharma, Bal Sant Acharya Swami Rameshwar Brahmachari, Acharya Sudhakar Jha shared their views with the participants. Vaidyaraj Satya Prakash Arya, the president of Indian Foundation for Vedic Science and Mahant Shree Narayana Giri could share their views because of the paucity of time.
Valedictory address was given by Prof. B. S. Rajpur, the former Vice Chancellor of Kumaun and Garhwal Universities. Prof. Rajput highlighted that the science in ancient India was far advance than it is today. The Vedic scientists invented numbers till one raised to the power of 62, but today we have the numbers till one raised to the power of 24. The highest discovery of numbers in the Vedic age tell about the highest advancement of Vedic science. In the context of the Seminar on Vedic Microbiology, he pointed out that the science of Microbiology was also very advance during the Vedic age. Cow ghee, cow dung, turmeric, Ganga water were used as anti-microbial agents in the ancient India.
At the valedictory session His Holiness Jagadacharya Shree Chandraswami Ji Maharaj felicitated the guest of honours with a shawl, rosary of precious beads certificates and mementoes. His holiness honoured Sh, Suresh Chavanke, the chairman of Sudashan TV for its dedicated service to Veda and Vedanta. Sudarshan TV is the only TV channel that propagates Vedas and never allows porn advertisements. His Holiness also gave away mementoes to the scholars who chaired a scientific session, delivered a Keynote address or co-ordinated a scientific session.
The valedictory session concluded with the message of His Holiness Jagadacharya Shree Chandraswami Ji Maharaj. He praised the efforts of Dr. Ravi Praaksh Arya, the convenor of the Seminar and Vaidya raj Satya Prakash, the president of Indian Foundation for Vedic Science for their Sankalpa of propagation of Vedic values and Vedic science throughout world. He reminded that the Vedas are the books of eternal and supreme knowledge. They teach man to be a man. Man is trying to fly in the sky, but he does not know how to walk on the earth. He does not know how to live peacefully and friendly on the earth. People are fighting in the name of Dharmas, Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism Judaism etc. etc. cannot be called as Dharmas. They are religious sects. Different attributive epithets can be given to given to different religious sects and not to Dharma. Dharma is the name of human values. If Dharma (human values) survives, the humanity will survive.
Some 350 scholars and experts attended and participated in this seminar.
Seminar was successful in achieving the following objectives :
The seminar was able to attract more and more scholars to the field of Vedic Microbiology. The experts/scholars from different disciplines like Microbiology, Medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga, Pharmacy and Indology could interact each other and share the knowledge.
To sum up it can be said that seminar was successful and every participants went home with lot of praises for the seminar and its convenor, Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya. His Ecellency Mukheswur Choone was so impressed that he gave an invitation to Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya, the Convenor of the Seminar to convene the next conference in Mauritius.